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Detail Part Fabrication

Fleet Canada’s Detail Fab Shop has the ability to manufacture a wide range of products to supply external aerospace customers directly, as well as our internal airframe assembly department and the adhesive Bond Shop.

The Modig

Located in an open area within the machine shop, the Modig parts maker specializes in the manufacture of detail parts made from extrusion and rolled sheet metal profile lengths of material. This machine excels at manufacturing small clips to medium length stringers.

The extrusion or rolled sheet metal profile is fed into one side of the machine and detail parts are machined, one after another, as the material is fed through. The length of material this machine can use is only limited by the size of the work area around it.

The Thermwood

The workhorse of our Detail Part Fabrication, the Thermwood CNC router specializes in the manufacture of flat pattern detail parts from sheet stock.

It is also used for the machining of very long extrusion parts and even for large tooling, when needed.

Sheet stock can be stacked to a height of 0.250 inches to make multiple parts for each pattern cut. The Thermwood has the capacity to handle material as long as 31 feet and as wide as 60 inches, which is coordinated with the Bond Shop’s 32-foot long chemical processing tanks and 32-foot long autoclave.


Kitting of Details & Sub Assemblies

Fleet has the ability to make a complex array of parts in-house and to package them in any manner to meet customer requirements. All of our kit elements are fully traceable and packaged to individual customer specifications. Our goal it to further improve our customers' performance by increasing efficiency in a cost-effective manner and with 100% accuracy. Working with Just-in-Time principals, we can lower inventory on-hand, supplying details and sub assemblies.

Salt Bath Solution Heat Treat

Located adjacent to the forming work centres, Fleet maintains its own Nadcap-approved solution heat treat salt bath, quenching tank, and freezer storage to provide pre-form tempering and holding of materials requiring severe forming.

The Salt Bath is 28 inches wide, 60 inches deep and 15 feet long, with a matching quench tank.

Freezer Storage is strategically located between the Salt Bath, the hydro press, the brakes, and the handwork work centres to maintain all customer-specific conditions during the manufacturing process.

By providing this often-required service in-house, Fleet can ensure that specifications requiring temperature controls are closely adhered to and easily traceable.

Machine Shop

Our CNC Machine Shop is focused on manufacturing detail parts and tooling from rod, bar, and plate material.

The value of having a machine shop in-house is to support our production and tooling needs. The most recent addition to the machine shop is the  5-Axis Vertical Mill, Haas (VF-8/40) with Travel 64” x 40” x 30".

A complement of 3 and 4 axis machines allows Fleet to do a variety of jobs, from large to small, without having to outsource, and to maintain control of the process, the cost and the quality of details and tooling.  

Adapting to customers' required changes is also simplified, and results in much quicker cut-in times.

Excellence in Aerospace Manufacture & Assembly

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