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Advanced Composites & Adhesive Metal Bonding

Fleet Canada’s 120,000 square foot Bond Shop is a purpose-built facility dedicated to the manufacture of advanced composite and metal-to-metal bonded assemblies, both of which are covered by the Nadcap Composites accreditation.

The Autoclaves

Fleet maintains 3 autoclaves, giving us the flexibility to process large or small, and high or low rate product, in an efficient manner. » Learn More

Honeycomb Core Machining

Supplying the bond shop exclusively, our honeycomb core machining area prepares core detail parts for bonded assemblies. It also performs intermediate core machining for two-stage bonded assemblies. This area has its own raw material stores suited to the storage of honeycomb materials.


There is an expansive prefit area, complete with large work tables and room for large tooling, if necessary.

When required, entire assemblies can be temporarily assembled to check the fit and alignment of all detail parts, prior to chemical processing. 

Adhesive Prime

Located right at the end of the chemical processing line, our adhesive prime booths and force cure oven are contained within an expansive, environmentally controlled holding area.

Racked parts travel directly off the end of the tank line via the monorail system, through the polarized light surface inspection area, and directly into one of two spray booths. 

Both spray booths are sized to handle the largest parts our tank line can process.

Tool Storage & Handling

Even very large tooling is stored within the Bond Shop. The storage racks are located within easy fork truck access to the roller bays used to debag cured assemblies, and the scissor lift roller table that loads the clean room bays and autoclaves.

Adhesive Metal Bonding

Fleet's Primary clean room has 10 roller bays, capable of handling tooling in excess of 32 feet long, and a single rollup door bay, for larger and self-supported tools. The opposite side of the room contains similarly sized preparation tables. 

Advanced Composites

Fleet has many years of experience with composite materials dating back to the older wet lay-up methods right up to the latest prepreg materials, including Fibreglass, Kevlar, Graphite, and Boron.

Over the years, Fleet has produced composite parts for civil, military, aerospace, and outer space, for direct supply to customers, and for internal integration into higher assemblies.

Bonded Detail Part Stores

The bond shop has its own dedicated detail part stores, tuned to the unique requirements of handling and storing unprotected aluminum sheet metal and extrusion parts prior to surface treatment and adhesive prime.

Excellence in Aerospace Manufacture & Assembly

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