Structural Assemblies

Capabilities from bench assemblies to major structural assemblies such as cockpit, fuselage, empennage, and flight control surfaces. Airframe assemblies are made of metallic and/or composite components.

Metallic & Hybrid Assemblies

Mechanical Fastening

  • Multiple customer approvals for wet and dry fastener installation
  • Rivets, Rivnuts, Hi-Lok™ type, Huck™ bolts and other break-off type fasteners

Sealing and Protective Membrane/Tape Installation

  • Approved for various forms of fay and fillet sealing processes for major OEMs
  • Experience with leak testing of sealed assemblies
  • Installation of plastic film abrasion strips and specific application tapes

Specialized Hardware Installation

  • Press fit components including bearings, bushings and inserts (room temperature, nitrogen/heat assisted)
  • Electrical studs/stand-offs

Control Surface Balancing

  • Capable of designing new or working to existing balancing procedures
  • Adjustment of variable weight components to achieve tight balancing tolerances

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