Meet The Team

Alyson Gasperetti<br /><small>Plant Manager</small> #1

Alyson Gasperetti
Plant Manager

Benjamin Poitras<br /><small>Manager, Engineering</small> #1

Benjamin Poitras
Manager, Engineering

Cathy Harper-Leblanc<br /><small>Manager, Contracts</small> #2

Cathy Harper-Leblanc
Manager, Contracts

Caitlin Zack<br /><small>Manager, Quality Assurance</small> #1

Caitlin Zack
Manager, Quality Assurance

Colleen Hykoski<br /><small>Sr. Human Resources Manager</small> #1

Colleen Hykoski
Sr. Manager, Human Resources

Isaac Stansfield<br /><small>Director, Finance</small>

Isaac Stansfield
Director, Finance

Jean-Sébastien Coulaud<br /><small>President and C.E.O.</small> #1

Jean-Sébastien Coulaud
President and C.E.O.

Kathy Crane<br /><small>Manager, Production Control</small> #1

Kathy Crane
Manager, Production Control

Mike Kwiecinski<br /><small>Manufacturing Manager </small> #1

Mike Kwiecinski
Manufacturing Manager

Salmaan Moledina<br /><small>Director, Operations and Engineering</small> #1

Salmaan Moledina
Vice President

Steven Sonnenberg<br /><small>Manager of Fabrication and Technical Support</small> #1

Steven Sonnenberg
Manager, Fabrication and Technical Support

Mike Kwiecinski<br /><small>Manufacturing Manager </small> #1

Spyro Cacoutis
Director, Quality

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