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Flexible Dimensional Inspection Capabilities Non Destructive Testing

Flexible Dimensional Inspection Capabilities

Experienced and capable of supporting both, Model Based Definition (3D) and Mylar/Drawing based engineering requirements.

CMM equipment

  • LK G90C (48”x80”x40”)
  • Support day to day production
  • Validate produced/supplied or purchased tooling
  • Support R&D and One-Off part inspections
  • Reverse engineering


Virtek laser scanner

  • Rapid inspection system that employs lasers to measure the accuracy of two-dimensional parts (4’x4’)
  • Verification of CNC programs
  • Reverse engineering

Mylar / 2 Drawings

  • Experienced working with mylar/paper drawings for legacy programs for conventional measurement
  • Capable of creating 2D Inspection Drawings from customer supplied 3D models

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Non-Destructive Testing

Nadcap approved NDE process.

Penetrant Inspection

Capable of complete immersion of stringers up to 14ft in length

Harmonic bond testing

Portable bond tester capable of inspecting metal to metal bonded panels of all sizes

Hardness and conductivity testing

In house inspection of heat treated parts and verification of purchased raw materials

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