Wide range of processing capabilities designed to support in-house production as well as dedicated processing services.

Chemical Processing Heat Treating Painting/Finishing

Chemical Processing

Nadcap approved processes to prepare surfaces for adhesive prime, paint and penetrant inspection.

Processing tank line dedicated to detail parts for prime and finish paint

  • Tank sizes 14’x3’x 6’
  • Vapour Degreasing
  • Alodine Application
  • Anodizing
  • Etching for Penetrant Inspection
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Heat Treating

Nadcap approved processes to modify the temper of metals and achieve required mechanical properties.


  • Salt Bath and quenching tank (15’x 5’ x 2.5’)
  • Age Hardening Oven
  • Walk-in Freezers


Multiple Major OEM Approved spraying processes for prime / top coat.

Painting and Finishing

  • Primer application
  • Top coat application
  • Sol Gel

Modern Spray Booths

  • Specialized lighting and state-of-art filtration systems
  • Booth technology provides enhanced product quality and minimized Foreign Object Debris (FOD) risk

Part Marking

  • Semi automated Digital Part Marking: Barcode input to eliminate typos/transcription errors
  • Wide Compliance Inks
  • UID Tags and Labels

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