Fleet Canada Inc.

Fleet Canada Inc. Canadian Aerospace Sub-Contractor

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Fleet Canada maintains 3 autoclaves, giving us the flexibility to process large or small, and high or low rate product, in an efficient manner.

All three autoclaves are loaded with a custom scissor lift roller table that moves product directly from the clean room roller bays to the autoclaves, by hand or with winch assist, ensuring gentle, controlled handling of even the heaviest tooling at all times.

Autoclave Specs

A-Clave: 4 ft 2 in diameter x 16 ft long working area, Max Temp 450 Deg F @ 75 PSI
B-Clave: 8 ft diameter x 26 ft long working area, Max Temp 600 Deg F @ 150 PSI
D-Clave: 10 ft diameter x 31 ft long working area, Max Temp 600 Deg F @ 180 PSI

Excellence in Aerospace Manufacture & Assembly

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