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Fleet Canada Attends Team Chinook Meeting in Washington DC. - March 9, 2017

Posted Mar 13th, 2017 in News

Fleet Canada Attends Team Chinook Meeting in Washington DC. -  March 9, 2017

Fleet Canada Takes Great Pride in its GOLD level Sponsorship of Boeing’s Team Chinook Program.

Marches event was held in Washington DC and included a robust discussion on recent events in the Capital.  Getting firsthand information on US military sales and international sales campaigns is important for helping Fleet plan for the future.  It continues to be inspiring how many countries around the globe continue to look to the CH-47 Chinook in times of conflict and when humanitarian aid is required.

Canada bought 15 new Chinooks to be based in Petawawa, ON.  Once training for our crews was underway, one of their first deployments was to the fire scene in Fort McMurray.  Mission readiness and aircraft improvements are another highlight of the Team Chinook events. Originally introduced in 1962, the current F model is always being improved upon.  Lighter parts and improved engines increase its heavy lift capabilities.  State of the art avionics improve its survivability in the field for both military and civilian emergency preparedness missions.

Fleet Canada is honoured to be a supplier of such an iconic aircraft.   50 years into its use there was talk about its next 50 years of use.  Plans are underway maintain its relevance and keep them flying until 2060.

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