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Posted May 7th, 2018 in Careers

This is a Fleet Canada job posting for a CMM Programmer. If you are interested in a career with us, please submit your resumé below.

About Fleet Canada

Housed in a 500,000 square foot manufacturing facility, Fleet is a proudly operated Canadian Aerospace Sub-contractor that currently specializes in Detail Part Fabrication, Advanced Composites, Adhesive Metal Bonding and Airframe Assembly.

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Position Description

To assist in the examination, inspection, calibration and/or diagnosis of all tools, components, systems, parts and materials per engineering/drawing/specifications; may require certification by customer requirements.

Work To Be Performed

The following reflects the principal duties and shall not be construed as a detailed description of all work requirements, nor does it imply that all workers in this category perform all of these functions.

  • Create CMM programs from drawings/Model based definition.
  • Calibrate and maintain all process instrumentation per schedule.
  • Raise DMR’s as required (e.g. RR, VRR, SS).
  • Knowledge and use of blueprints, drawings, precision inspection measuring equipment i.e. CMM, other
  • May perform hardness and conductivity checks, first-off inspection, ensure proper data is maintained in ERP.
  • Clean parts as required.
  • Retrieve drawings, specifications, inspect charts and records, match test pieces to paperwork.
  • Verify QAR stamps, ensure parts are properly stored, wrapped.
  • Ensure quarantined parts are placed in holding center and documentation filled out; ensure correct procedures followed for vendor rejections, care and handling.
  • Perform sampling inspection as required.
  • May perform System Accuracy Tests (SAT) and/or Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS), maintain thermocouples.
  • Maintain records; ensure documentation is updated; mark, stamp, sign-off, scan and file GRs; completion of first article inspection including filing; complete inspection reports; assign identification numbers for traceability; check engineering orders are current; maintain log books and history cards; change charts; add process requirements to purchase orders; attach release tags for certs/release notes.
  • Complete dispositions; raise “request for testing”; attach “withhold tags” for lab reports; raise non-conforming documentation e.g. RR, VRR, SS; raise corrective action notices.
  • Verify times, temperature, calibration of Inspection Measuring Equipment; shop routings are correct; parts to tools/drawings/mylar/customer specification; CMM inspection, split batches to requirements.
  • Inspect hardware; verify correct detail location; verify bond conditions and methods.
  • Verify material updates, expiry dates; perform freezer checks;
  • May Inspect trim and delamination; inspect viscosity and mil specs, paint reaction times; stamp cards for approval; verify clean line load tanks; audit cleaning procedures including racks.
  • Ensure quarantined parts are placed in holding center and documentation filled out; ensure correct procedures followed for vendor rejections, care and handling.
  • May perform other related duties as required by the company

Qualifications & Skills

Equivalent to 4 years high school plus 2 years College/University in a related discipline OR on the job experience
  • On the job experience for one to three years
  • CMM knowledge and working experience
  • Must have experience with CATIA and PC-DMIS++
  • Autocad and Inspection experience an asset

Job Type: Full-Time

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