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Chemical Processing

Fleet Canada maintains two separate Chemical Processing lines, both certified to Nadcap chemical processing requirements.

Metal Surface Finishing

Our Unit-4 chemical processing line is dedicated to the surface finishing of detail parts that do not require adhesive bonding. This line retains a vapour degreasing capacity along with alkaline cleaning, acid etch, conversion coating, and chromic anodize.

Detail parts for our conventional airframe assembly area, or direct supply to customers, are processed through this line.

Surface Prep for Adhesive Bonding

Our Unit-18 chemical processing line is dedicated to the cleaning and surface preparation of detail parts for adhesive bonding.

This line retains an aqueous degreasing capacity along with alkaline cleaning and FPL acid etch, as well as phosphoric and chromic anodize.

Sized to process product matching the capacity of our Thermwood CNC router and autoclaves, the tanks and drying oven in this line have dimensions of 32 feet long, 8 feet deep, and 36 inches wide.

This line features a no-touch monorail racking system ideally suited to the requirements of adhesive bonding. Once loaded in the racks, detail parts are chemical processed, oven dried, adhesive primed and force cured, without any direct handling that might compromise the prepared surfaces.

Prepared parts are stored in the racks within the environmentally controlled holding area until they are finally cut down for clean room lay-up.

Salt Bath Solution Heat Treat

Located adjacent to the forming work centres, Fleet maintains its own solution heat treat salt bath, quenching tank, and freezer storage to provide pre-form tempering and holding of materials requiring severe forming.  Doing more in-house allows us to keep costs low, and to reduce transportation time and additional handling complications.

The Salt Bath is 28 inches wide, 60 inches deep and 15 feet long, with a matching quench tank.

Freezer Storage is strategically located between the Salt Bath, the hydro press, the brakes, and the handwork work centres.

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