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Fleet Canada Inc. Canadian Aerospace Sub-Contractor

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Fleet Canada has a broad range of techniques and experience in metal forming to suit needs of aerospace manufacturing OEM's and Tier One suppliers.  


Work centres can hydro form, roll form or break form sheet metal detail parts.  The Hand Working Work Centre provides the craftsmanship required to fine-tune to the most difficult parts to the industries tightest tolerances.

Extrusions and roll formed sheet metal lengths can be hot and/or cold joggled with our joggle press using an extensive inventory of generic & custom forming dies.

Fleet retains a mix of powered and manual forming equipment to support modern or legacy tooling, older methods of manufacture, and lower volume production quantities.

Hydro Forming

The HPM rubber hydro press is capable of applying 5000 tons of pressure over a 93 inch long by 43 inch wide work table. Longer, narrow parts up to 15 feet long can be rubber hydro formed.

Stretch Forming

The 20 ton Hufford press provides stretch forming capability for parts up to 12 inches wide and 214 inches long.

Brake Forming

There are 3 large brakes to choose from with capacities ranging from 50 to 300 tons and 8 to 15 foot ram lengths.

Roll Forming

Our largest roll forming machine is the 10 foot Farnham power rolls. It has 2 inch diameter rolls and is capable of rolling up to 0.125 inch thick material. There is also a wide array of smaller roll forming equipment available, including flange and bead rollers.

Joggle Forming

For extrusions and rolled profile sheet metal lengths, joggling is performed with forming dies on a manual press or our powered joggle press. Both methods can be performed with the dies heated. Fleet stocks a wide variety of generic and custom dies. If we don’t have a suitable die, our Tooling Department can make one.

Excellence in Aerospace Manufacture & Assembly

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