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Materials, Chemical Analysis & Calibrations Lab

Located within our bond shop facility, the Fleet laboratory performs several critical functions within the company, and contains a wide array of testing and processing equipment to support them.

Heat Treat Tensile Coupons

In support of our heat treat work centres in the detail fab department, the lab performs destructive testing of heat treat test coupons to verify that materials have reached their proper final temper.

Wedge Crack Chemical Process Coupons

To verify the surface preparation for adhesive bonding, wedge crack coupons are processed for each chemical processing load.


Every process in the manufacturing of aerospace products is well defined and strictly controlled, and we maintain and calibrate equipment on a regular basis. Any process or environment that involves specified parameters, such as temperature, pressure, relative humidity or time, requires equipment to display and record this process data. 

Paint & Adhesive Materials Testing

The lab performs all the processing of test coupons used to verify the condition of new adhesive shipments, as well as testing to extend the shelf life of materials that have exceeded their expiration dates. In addition to material testing, the lab also processes all the production test coupons that are run with bonded assemblies and advanced composite layups.

Chemical Analysis

The lab performs the necessary chemical analysis needed to maintain the solutions in both of our chemical processing lines and the solution heat treat area.


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