Methods Planning

Experienced method planning team with broad expertise across multiple major OEMs and deliverable types

Mylars and Legacy Aircraft Drawings

  • Reading and interpretation of combination component-assembly drawings
  • Scaling mylars and digitization
  • Conversion of drawings to digital assembly models for tool design and visual method planning (2D → 3D)

Model Based Definition (Catia)

  • Capable of working with Model Only information
  • Experience with various customer data transfer portals e.g. Boeing, Gulfstream
  • In-house creation of inspection drawings (3D → 2D) and model derived manufacturing media

ERP Driven Method Planning

  • Integrates material demand, purchasing and shop floor scheduling
  • Accurate management of Configuration and Revision Control

Visual Planning Capability

  • Creation of operation instructions based on pictures or 3D data to minimize errors in workmanship
  • Operation specific image database integrated into ERP Planning Module with revision control

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