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Nadcap Certifications

Quality control at Fleet Canada includes 4 Nadcap Certifications.

Nadcap is company-level accreditation based on specific processes used by aerospace suppliers. Nadcap accreditation is an industry-driven program where highly qualified individuals with experience in the aerospace industry conduct the actual process audits, using criteria specific to an actual process.  Fleet Canada is Nadcap accredited in Chemical Processing, Composites, Heat Treat, NonDestructive Testing and Measurement and Inspection. The ability to offer all of these processes in-house offers our customers a unique opportunity to shorten and simplify their supply chain. The ability to process in-house also improves efficiency and decreases transportation cost and administration required when outsourcing.  

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Nadcap Composites Certification, Fleet Canada

Nadcap Non Destructive Testing Certification, Fleet

Nadcap Heat Testing Certification, Fleet

Fleet Nadcap Chemical Processing Certificate

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