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Fleet Canada Inc. Canadian Aerospace Sub-Contractor

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The Fleet Canada Team

Fleet Canada's workforce is an ideal mix of employees, from those with decades of experience, to new, young talent who are quick to learn traditional skills but who also bring the new capabilities that will ensure Fleet's future success.

Fleet Canada Aerospace Manufacturing Team

Top Talent Delivering on a Commitment to Quality

Fleet began attracting top engineers and the finest craftsman within our first few years of operation. Our excellence and expertise quickly gained us an international reputation, and this helped us to continue to attract only the very best and brightest.

We value the input from the shop floor. Our culture  has been built on a foundation of mutual respect and a drive to constant improvement.  

A Proud Team With Expertise Beyond Compare

Much of Fleet Canada’s workforce has been with us for well over 20 years – some more than 35. We continue to stress the importance cross-training and continuing education.  

By helping each individual excel, we make our entire company stronger.  It is with this strength that we will continue to grow and continue to attract great people – from our local labour force and around the world.

Many companies say their people are their strength; at Fleet Canada, we know it's true. This is a proud team with expertise beyond compare.

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Excellence in Aerospace Manufacture & Assembly

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