Fleet Canada Inc.

Fleet Canada Inc. Canadian Aerospace Sub-Contractor

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Quality Certifications

Fleet's reputation for supplying high quality aerospace products internationally has endured for over 85 years, and continues today.

Chinook Helicopter, Fleet Canada

  • We, the employees of Fleet Canada Inc., proudly pronounce our personal commitment to understand and meet our customer's requirements through the continuous improvement of our processes. We are dedicated to delivering defect-free product on-time, profitably.
    - Fleet Canada Employees

Over the years, Fleet’s products have flown, and orbited, around the planet.

Fleet Canada has a long history of supplying high quality products to most of the major North American aerospace manufacturers, as well as others around the world in various areas including civil, military, aerospace, and outer space.

Today, the quality continues.

Today, Fleet continues that tradition by maintaining a robust quality system covering all facets of our operations while striving for, and maintaining, the latest ISO and Nadcap quality standards (and more planned for the future).

Fleet Canada has also obtained its certificate of registration for the Canadian Controlled Goods Program, which also qualifies as ITAR compliant.

Excellence in Aerospace Manufacture & Assembly

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