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Fleet Canada Inc. Canadian Aerospace Sub-Contractor

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Supplier Quality Requirements

Fleet Canada continues to engage high quality suppliers to enhance our offering to our customers.

Fleet Canada takes great pride in our ability to deliver a high quality product, on-time and at a competitive price.  

There are circumstances where outside suppliers are required to assist these efforts. For details on what potential suppliers need to do to qualify to supply Fleet Canada, please see the documents downloadable on this page.

Fleet Implements AS9100 RevD

The AS9100 standard was revised to incorporate a new clause structure and content of ISO 9001:2015 and enables Fleet to use the process approach, coupled with the PDCA cycle and risk-based thinking, to align/integrate its quality management system with the requirements of other management system standards.

Suppliers should be aware that Purchasing requirements previously covered by QAP 6.0 have been replaced by QAP 8.4 – these documents are available in the Suppliers tab of this Fleet website.

If you feel your company has the qualifications and services or products that can add to our build-to-print capabilities, please Contact our Procurement Department.

Excellence in Aerospace Manufacture & Assembly

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