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Tooling Capabilities

Fleet Canada retains tooling manufacturing capacity to support its internal requirements, producing assembly holding fixtures, drill & rout templates, checking templates, shop aids, joggle dies and hydro form blocks for the Detail Fab Shop.

Fleet Canada’s tooling department can design, produce and maintain a wide array of tooling to support our production needs. By providing these services in-house, we maintain greater control of costs and timing. This is especially critical to start-ups and when changes are needed to a specific detail or assembly. Having these talents in-house gives our customers greater control and visibility on change cut-ins.

Detail Fab Tooling

Our tooling department manufacturers its own form blocks for use on our hydro form presses and our largest sheet metal brake for making long narrow parts.

We make our own dies for the joggle press, holding fixtures for the machine shop and a wide array of drill & rout templates, checking templates and shop aids.

This allows us to support all the Detail Fab Shop’s various machining, forming and hand working activities.

Bond Fixtures

Fleet's long history of Composite and Metal Bonding has resulted in a deep understanding of the work and an ability to create fixtures/jigs with precision.

We can manufacture and maintain them in-house, which improves our value to customers by further shortening the supply chain and lead times on new programs, limiting downtime for maintenance and decreasing the cut-in time required for changes requested.

Assembly Tooling

Our tool room can build smaller assembly tooling to support the airframe assembly department’s needs. Our tooling inspectors can also set up and perform the periodic survey of larger customer-supplied tooling.

Tooling Capabilities, Fleet Aerospace

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